3 Millennial shopping behaviors every retailer should know

Millenials, born in the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s, are the first truly digital generation. They have grown up in a world where digital technology and the Internet are an essential part of their daily lives. How does this affect retailer shops all over the country? Because technology is evolving so rapidly, it is important for retailers to understand this tech-savvy generation to keep up with the times.

Millenials look for online retailer information

These tech-savvy generations rely on the Internet to get immediate information. Some millenials find it convenient to inquire with a retailer via digital communication channels first prior to visiting a physical location. The concept of customer service has evolved from just providing customers with in-store assistance to actually being approachable and efficient digitally.

Millenials are self-reliant

Growing up with the Internet search engine at their fingertips, millenials are accustomed to researching for information on their own. A typical company’s digital platform would then have a form of self-service approach such as basic information for the customer to peruse or a means for them to make inquiries digitally.

Millenials are looking for authenticity and value relationships

Millenials expect a more informal attitude or approach when it comes to customer service. With online customer service, they prefer the feeling of talking to an actual human being than a ‘bot’. They value relationships and trust recommendations from people they admire, look up to, or ‘follow’.

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