4 Retail Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

In one of our previous articles, “Why Customer Experience is King”, we mentioned how you can let ‘customer experience’ drive your sales. We’ve gone through how some stores modified their retail floors to add some experiential flavor for their customers; how outdoor goods stores invites their customers to go camping to experience first-hand how to use their products; how cosmetics stores organizes daily make-up events to instruct customers on how to apply their products; how barbershops started offering coffee and cocktails to keep both their customers and their companions engaged throughout the service.

But let’s not forget some basic retail tips that will make your life better. What do you do once a customer steps in your threshold? No matter how good your shop looks, it’s always best if you or your staff are trained to improve the in-store retail experience. Here are some retail tips to help you sell more and build greater customer loyalty.

Take care of how you look

First impressions are key. The way you present yourself to clients speaks a lot about your level of professionalism. The way you present your brick-and-mortar store to customers showcases your brand image.

Connect with the customer

Listen actively to your customers and to understand their need and wants. Communicate well in educating them about your products. Go beyond their expectations by offering value added-services. Thank them for their business. Your customers are looking for a great shopping experience so excellent customer service is key to increasing your sales.

Don’t forget your body language

Non-verbal stances account to a greater percentage over verbal cues in communication. When you smile, be genuine. Maintaining an open body stance creates a welcoming atmosphere and subconsciously communicates that you are honest.

Make your team part of the experience

Your sales team represents your brand so keep them happy and engaged. Your staff are more than salespeople; they are the store front liners who embody your brand. Remember, happy employees translate to a positive store atmosphere. The best team are people who live the lifestyle your brand represents.