An Adventure in Stripes

“Milleraies” cotton

Another of the company’s inventions, this immediately recognisable double knit yarn, perfected in 1970, requires special knitting machines. The two pre-dyed yarns are fully colourfast, even at high temperatures. Why is it called “milleraies”? In French, “mille raies” means a thousand stripes and there are quite simply 1,000 stripes in every metre of fabric.

The “Marinière” Breton top

Stripes in classic or bold colours, a flattering neckline and just the right fit… fashion designers have been updating the iconic sailors’ garment since 1970. And at Petit Bateau, we know a thing or two about the sailor top, one of our all-time classics. The stripe spacing is specific to each model. The distance between each stripe in the white sailor top differs from the stripe spacing on its blue counterpart. The garment is assembled with meticulous care to ensure seamless continuity of the stripes between the bust and the sleeves. Petit Bateau anchors the classic sailor top in today’s fashion while staying true to its original spirit.