Eyewear Spring | Summer 2019

Sporting Aesthetic Revisited. The Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses.

For over 40 years, Porsche Design Eyewear has focused on the extraordinary. Our passion for design drives us to continually rethink the tried and tested. And that also applies to our Aviator Sunglasses. The use of high-tech materials such as titanium and impressive 18-carat gold, combined with state-of-the-art lens technology, results in a perfect symbiosis of aviator function and sporty elegant for those with discerning taste.

In 1929, the US Army commissioned experts to develop functional sunglasses for pilots. They needed to be extremely effective against dazzling sun and the bright blue sky at a high altitude. Thanks to advanced technology, pilots were able to take their aircraft to new altitudes. However, at high altitude, they sufferered headaches and nausea. The solution: the Aviator prototype which went by the name Anti-Glare.

The prototype had a plastic frame and green lenses. Shortly afterwards, the metal frame was introduceed and the Aviator was born. Thanks to the Aviator, pilots were able to better discern contrast in the cockpit. The lenses- three times the size of the eye- provided full visibility while the filigree temples ensured unobstructed vision on both sides. The straight upper line of the Aviators ensured a perfect fit with the flying helmet.

Characterised by a sophisticated design concept, Aviator sunglasses by Porsche Design Eyewear follow Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche;s philosophy that if you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious. The Aviators embody the ideal pilot sunglasses. They are an expression of our passion for perfection.

The Porsche Design DNA is defined by functional design, puristic aesthetics, quality and performance. All of our design objects are inspired by technological innovation and made for lifelong performance. The design language of Porsche Design is unmistakeable and unique as well as an expression of the Porsche Design lifestyle. Every pair of our Aviator sunglasses embodies these values.

Collection Colours

More summer, more colour, more style. The colour palette of the Porsche Design Aviators represents the many facets of the Porsche Design lifestyle.

Combined with the high-tech materials, including titanium, stainless steel and and pure 18-carat gold, every pair of Aviators becomes a design statement.