Porsche Design Presents New Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Collection

The roar of the engine and the roar of the Pacific Ocean blending with azure blue skies and one-of-a-kind landscapes – cruising California’s Highway 1 in a Porsche 911 with the top down means pure freedom and driving pleasure. No other coastal road better embodies California’s carefree attitude toward life. This unique lifestyle was the source of inspiration for the new 2019 Spring/Summer “Pacific Coast Highway” collection. True to this theme, the collection offers perfectly coordinated outfits and accessories combined with a slight touch of modern business sophistication. Light, flowing materials ensure the garments are exceptionally comfortable, while details inspired by motorsports give the collection’s individual pieces that typical Porsche Design look. The colors range from vibrant blue to light sand tones and muted earth tones, highlighting the timeless, casual touch of the assortment, which stand out thanks to their impeccable quality and functional design.

The modern man can always rely on the Bi-Colored Motocross jacket, no matter where his journey takes him. This soft, Italian-lamb Nappa leather jacket comes in gray and black. Its bold stitching and vibrant blue lining are inspired by the seats of a Porsche sports car. The matte finish, Mandarin collar (characteristic of motocross), and distinctive front zipper make this jacket a must-have for sports enthusiasts. Combined with the simple Relax Summer Tee, the comfortable 5-Pocket Regular Fit pants, and the cool XLExtralight SO Calf tumbled sneakers, he’s certain to always look good on the go. Add the Dakota 35 Brushed Chrome belt, the 1919 Datetimer Eternity Blue wristwatch, and the P’ 8478 sunglasses, and his outfit is now complete. Everything needed for a short weekend getaway fits in the compact Roadster Hardcase 2.0 in Graphite Blue Metallic, which matches the look flawlessly. This functional lightweight suitcase is the best companion for any trip.

Whether business or pleasure, his sense of style is sure to impress with the Hooded Hybrid Blazer. This single-breasted sports coat, made from fine Italian fabric, features a removable quilted-nylon-lining. Both practical and stylish, handy zippers allow easy removal of the lightweight inner-vest. The jacket is best paired with the Slim Fit Basic Chino, PD-Icon Polo, and Business Casual Calf LU leather shoes. The Dakota 35 Business belt, the 1919 Chronotimer Flyback with brown leather strap, and the P’8478 sunglasses are also perfect mates.

With its breathtaking panoramic views and seemingly endless curves, Highway 1 invites you to hit the road in sporty driving style. If you’re searching for an athletic look off the road, the Hooded Leather Blouson is a great choice. Its combination of soft Nappa leather and premium Italian fabric makes this jacket extremely comfortable, turning it into an impeccable leisure companion. Match the jacket with a classic Slim Fit Basic Chino and Uni Colored Detailed Sweater, as well as a pair of XLUltralight Mesh sneakers to complete this cool look. This outfit truly stands out with the matching accessories: add a Carbon Briefbag made of soft cowhide-leather, the Maine 40 Carbon Leather belt, and the Carbon Wallet to create a stylish ensemble. The P’9479 Titan sunglasses and the Monobloc Actuator 24h Black & Rubber make this outfit ideal.