The Contemporary Filipino Shopper

The future of Filipino shopping is increasingly hyper-connected. Did you know that the Philippines is the top country to spend the most time online worldwide? While a lot of modern Filipinos are glued to their social media accounts, the number of local Internet users also continues to increase. Here are some interesting behaviors of the contemporary Filipino shopper.

Seeks efficiency and convenience

Urbanization and information accessibility means a faster paced lifestyle. Days fill out pretty quickly and as time becomes more and more precious, efficiency and convenience appeals to the modern and busy Filipino.

Advocacy-driven and environmentally conscious

A growing number of Filipino shoppers are being advocacy driven and environmentally conscious. Grocery stores and supermarkets are starting to minimize the use of plastic bags by incentivizing customers who use eco-bags. Filipinos are more informed now and feel more empowered in supporting retailers who have advocacies to help preserve nature and improve society.

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