The Genius Lab Services

We are The Genius Lab, offering business-consulting services to small business owners, family owned corporations, aspiring retailers and more. Whether your company is in the start-up, expansion, decline or stagnation stage, we study business models in-depth and take a top-level approach to understanding the nature of the issues confronting your business. Here are some of our services in detail.

Business Strategy Formulation

We assist you in formulating your business strategy and strategic plan. This process lets you establish objectives to be able to measure success, overall creating a clear vision for your company.

Development of business strategy implementation and execution plan

After forming a solid business strategy, an organization must be able to effectively execute that strategy. We’ll assist you in your roadmap to achieving business excellence.

Retail concept and brand prototyping

We test how valuable your product is to your market and gain insights on how useful it is to the end user.

Retail industry reports and research

We create a comprehensive research and report of a particular industry containing information, facts and statistics.

Assistance in tapping company network for retail distribution plan

Gain more opportunities, advice and growth when we assist you in tapping company network for your retail distribution plan.

Brand and Marketing Strategy Formulation

People nowadays have too many choices and too little time. A lot of products and offerings are similar by nature and feature. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, we formulate a marketing strategy that establishes your brand.

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