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Petit Bateau garments are passed down from generation to generation, testimony of a fashion essential that is stylish season after season.

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A Little French Brand

Petit Bateau is a lovely happy name. It is a name most French people will recognise from their childhood and the nursery rhyme which is passed down from generation to generation.

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Each year, Petit Bateau sells 28 million products worldwide, including 3.4 million t-shirts, 3.5 million briefs and 16 million undergarments.

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A Classic Favorite

Petit Bateau is the favourite brand of lovers of pure cotton comfort aged 0 to 24 months. 
Known for its iconic underwear and t-shirts, it has become the go-to label for multi-generational style for babies, children and adults the world over. Petit Bateau is respectful of each individual’s values and their environment. It is there for all those special occasions in life, reminding us of the childhood memories that make us the adults we are today.

MILLION t-shirts

MILLION briefs

MILLION undergarments

MILLION products

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Petit Bateau makes immaculately cut garments in ultra-soft fabrics. They are a fashion constant,season after season, providing a welcome alternative to the turbulent modern-day world.